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Spiders In The Hairdo: Modern Urban Legends  
A book by David Holt and Bill Mooney

These stories are all true! They happened to my brother's wife cousin's next door neighbor's babysitter's ex-boyfriend I swear!

Hey, did you you hear the one about the lady who had her beehive hairdo sprayed so hard that spiders to nest in it? Of course you did, it happened to your next door neighbor's cousin. Or was it your cousin's next door neighbor?

Folktales are not the exclusive domain of the past. They are alive and kicking in urban legends, those stories that are told as true but always as happening to a friend of a friend. We hear them in conversation and recognize them on the Internet.

In Spiders In The Hairdo you'll read about stupid criminals, scams and conspiracy theories, students clever enough to outsmart the professor though not smart enough to pass the test, and jerks who get their just desserts. These are the funniest, scariest, downright weirdest tales going around today.

Collected and retold by David Holt and Bill Mooney and based on their Grammy nominated audio tape. Fifty five stories that will make your hair stand on end...possibly into the shape of a beehive hairdo.

Illustrated by Kevin Pope. A bargain at $7.95!


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