The Bluebook Scam

The Bluebook Scam

It was finals time at the university. A student had partied late the night before a psychology final. He was afraid he would not do well on the test. As he walked into class, he saw the two blue books the professor always provided for the final, to make sure no one could cheat.

He had no idea how to answer some of the exam questions, so he devised a plan. He began to write a letter to his mother in the first blue book. He told her how he had finished the exam early and had some extra time, that things were going well at the university and how much he liked his psychology professor. He went on to explain that he felt he had done very well on the test and was just killing time until the period was over.

At the end of class, he handed in the blue book that contained the letter to his mother. He then ran to the library, looked up the answers to all the questions and wrote them in the second blue book. He sealed it in an envelope and mailed it to his mother.

A couple of days later the professor called him and said, “Why in the world did you turn in a letter to your mother?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” said the student. “I finished the test early, so I wrote a letter to my mom in the other blue book. I guess I got the two blue books mixed up. Tell you what, I’ll call my mother and have her send the letter back to you unopened. It won’t even come through me.”

When the grades were posted, the student had aced the class with an A.