David Holt & Josh Goforth

David Holt & Josh Goforth: A Two Man Tornado of Tunes and Tales

David Holt and acoustic music star Josh Goforth join together to bring the joy and spirit of old time mountain music and stories to life.

They combine the virtuosic sounds of guitar, banjo, fiddle, slide guitar, mandolin with a world of exciting rhythm instruments. Josh is descended from many of the old-timers David learned from in the late 1960s in Lonesome Mountain, NC. Audiences of all ages are treated to a show exploding with creative energy, fun and amazing musicianship.


NEW SHOW David Holt & Josh Goforth: ‘Carolina Heroes’

“Carolina Heroes” is the theme of the new show by David Holt and Josh Goforth. With songs and tunes learned from North Carolina musical mentors, Holt and Goforth weave stories, film and photographs into this multi-media concert.

“I have always included photos of my mentors in my shows, and in “Carolina Heroes” Josh and I have added vintage photos and film footage to every song and tune creating an exciting and fun concert, Holt says.  “It brings these old mountain songs to life.”

 For booking, contact Betty Nichols.  (828) 628-1728 or email:  office@davidholt.com


Asheville Citizen Times – Asheville Scene – Holt and Goforth celebrate ‘Carolina Heroes’

The bluegrass pickers kick off ‘Carolina Heroes’

8:09 PM, Nov 7, 2012   Written by Tony Kiss  

David Holt (right) and Josh Goforth debut their new show ‘Carolina Heroes’ Saturday night at White Horse Black Mountain. / Special to the Citizen- Times

David Holt has known his share of music legends: Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs and Grandpa Jones, among them.

But these days, the Grammy-winning musician is focused on artists who didn’t get as much attention, like Asheville’s

The mountain blues duo of Walter and Ethel Phelps (seen in a 1981 photo) were legends in Western North Carolina for decades. Grammy-winning folk star David Holt will celebrate their music – and other lesser known artists – in a new show called ‘Carolina Heroes.’ / Citizen-Times photo

old-time blues duo of Walter and Ethel Phelps, and the Black Mountain songwriter and musician Walt Davis. Davis wrote the tune “Hula Lou,” but also wasn’t that interested in having his name attached to projects.

“Those old pioneers are mostly gone now,” said Holt, who has joined with fiddler Josh Goforth to create a new show, “Carolina Heroes,” celebrating some of the mountains’ musical characters. “I was lucky to be there and to learn from them.”

“Carolina Heroes” has its first performance Saturday night at White Horse Black Mountain. Along with the music, the show includes a lot of multimedia — photos and film of these artists. Holt wants to take the show and create a companion CD. “We found the songs, created the arrangements and added an audio and visual aspect,” he said. “It should be pretty exciting.”

Holt has collected a treasure trove of archival material for “Carolina Heroes.” He had some photos himself and found others around the area. “I wanted to keep adding to the visual aspect. I think there might be several volumes of CDs over the years,” he said.

Holt remains busy on a variety of projects, such as the Public Radio International radio series “Riverwalk Jazz,” on the air now for more than 20 years, and the public TV series “Great Scenic Railways Journeys.”

He is also continuing to play with his band the Lightning Bolts and the trio Sutton, Holt and Coleman, with T. Michael Coleman and fellow Grammy-winner Bryan Sutton. “It sounds like a law firm,” Holt joked about the trio, previously known as Deep River Rising. “I get these projects that I’m excited about, and I’m off and running,” he said.