Kathryn Tucker Windham

Kathryn Tucker Windham storyteller, Selma, Alabama Photo: David Holt©

Kathryn Windham

When you introduce Kathryn Windham on stage she asks you to simply say, “This is Kathryn Windham, she is a storyteller from Selma, Alabama.” Kathryn is the best storyteller I ever heard. Without theatrics or show she draws you into her true life stories with her rich Southern accent and love of human nature.

The first time I met Kathryn was at the third National Storytelling Festival in 1976 and we have been fast friends since. In those days she told mostly ghost tales she had collected around the South. When she tells a ghost story you can’t help but wonder if it is true. Her telling is so effortless you can’t help but be enchanted and inspired.