The $100 Corvette

The $100 Corvette

The first thing every morning, a man showed up at the local news stand and bought all the papers. He would thumb through the paper until he got to classified ads. He wanted to make sure he was the first to see any good deals on used cars.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw an ad for a low-milage Corvette priced at a hundred dollars. He figured it must be a mistake, but he was determined to check it out.

He went to the address listed in the ad. A lady came to the door and said, “The Corvette is in the garage, if you’d like to look at it.”

It didn’t take him long to realize that this car must be worth at least $25,000–maybe more. He went back to the house, took out a hundred dollar bill and said, “I’ll take it. But tell me one thing. Why in the world are you selling it so cheaply? You know it’s worth more than $100.”

“Well,” she said, “My husband just ran away with his secretary. They went to Las Vegas and gambled away all they had. So he sent me a wire to sell the Corvette and send him the money. But you know what? He didn’t say anything about the price.”