What the press is saying

VOGUE “The best minstrel-storyteller is David Holt”
“His songs bubble like water from an Appalachian spring. The best of the best.”
“David Holt and his music are American originals.”
Fort Worth
Star Telegram
“Holt makes high art out of storytelling and traditional music.”
Esquire “David Holt’s work is marked not only by vigor and charm, but by particular craftsmanship…He is one of the best of the new generation changing America.”
Boston Globe “He performs up a storm.”
Atlanta Journal “A dazzling array of mountain music and stories.”
Bob Terrell
Ashville Citizen-Times
“I think he could ring music our of a stump.”
Mike Redmon
Indianapolis News
“Holt is a keeper of a national treasure, and close to being one himself.”
Entertainment Weekly “As a storyteller, David Holt is charming, thoughtful and very entertaining.”
Lynne Hefley
Los Angeles TIMES
“Holt inspires laughs and shivers as he draws on his vast store of Southern tales and folklore. No gimmicks-just Holt’s expressive face and body, a few musical instruments and a warm voice weaving word magic.”

What the presenters are saying:

Vancouver Folk Festival “He amazed and delighted us. David Holt is the ultimate traditional folk entertainer.”
Libby Seymour
Arts Council Director
Fayetteville, NC
“His standing-room-only Arts Center concert and outdoor festival performances transformed each stage into a cool back porch on a hot summer day. He adapted easily to each age group with a range and repertoire as varied as his instruments.”
for the Arts

New Milford, CT
“Singer, storyteller David Holt kept over 2000 children and parents spellbound. He IS a one man celebration.”
Kathryn Miller
Art Reach
Cincinnati Art Museum
“David Holt’s talent and skill are second to none. Choose his work as part of your family series, I guarantee you won’t be sorry.”