Workshops offered by David Holt

Music and Storytelling Workshops by David Holt
(All workshops designed for participants’ age level)

FOLK RHYTHMS- Everyone loves rhythm. Folk rhythms give them the tools to explore simple or complex patterns while developing basic instrumental skills. David has collected these rhythms throughout the Southern Mountains. In this workshop we will learn how to play the spoons, hambone (body slapping rhythms) and the paper bag.
I’VE GOT A BULLFROG: UNIQUE FOLKSONGS CHILDREN LOVE TO SING- David Holt has been collecting songs from old-time Southern mountaineers for over 20 years. In this workshop he presents the best of those for singing along as well as stories and anecdotes about the songs.
INTRODUCTION TO CLOGGING- David will teach beginning through intermediate clogging steps, making them accessible to everyone. We will also learn traditional figures in the big-circle mountain dancing style.
THE ROOTS OF MOUNTAIN MUSIC- A SING ALONG SURVEY- The Southern Mountains has long held the image of a place very slow to change. When people think of traditional mountain music they naturally think of an unchanging, isolated music with few outside influences. But the fact of the matter is that all the major influences that affected traditional and popular music throughout America also changed the styles of traditional mountain music. The difference is that examples of these old but important influences can still be found in the mountains. All the songs we sing in this workshop are versions of songs David has collected within the last 20 years.
PLAY THE JAW HARP NOW- There’s something magical about the sound of the jaw harp. Everyone (especially children) respond to the twanging tunes on the jaw harp, one of the oldest instruments in the world. In this workshop we will learn how to play rhythms and melodies. In the process the students will see how the principles for learning the jaw harp apply to learning any instrument. You break down the separate skills to be learned, master them, and then put them all together to play the instrument masterfully. In this two hour session the students will learn basic through more advanced techniques. Each student will get a free jaw harp and tape. (Cost per student $7.00)
THE BEAUTY OF THE BEAT- Rhythm is the heartbeat of all music. Everyone responds to a good rhythm. In this workshop we learn rhythm can be made on a variety of simple instruments from spoons, to bones to paper bags and we’ll put those rhythms together into exciting combinations. Whether you’re rhythmically challenged or a professional percussionist there is something to learn and enjoyed.

TRUE LIFE STORYTELLING- True-life stories unfold around us every day. They can be from our own lives, our family, local or world events and from historical happenings. We will begin by looking into the untapped stories within ourselves. We will learn where to find and how to recognize good stories in our own lives and how to craft them into tellable tales. (All levels any size group)
DYNAMIC STORYTELLING- We will explore the range of the human voice to make stories more enjoyable and exciting. The class will learn three different stories that they can add to their repertoire and in the process learn the basics of the storyteller’s art. We will experiment with bringing a written folktale to life through storytelling and add new vigor old tales. (Beginning level, limited to 24 participants)

TRUE-LIFE STORYTELLING FOR TEACHERS: Spice Up Your Teaching with Real Stories.
True-life stories and teaching go hand in hand. When teachers weave intriguing stories into their lessons, students pay attention, remember the information, and enjoy learning. True-life tales can be found in any subject area. Participants will learn how dry facts can be brought to life with story. Using personal stories, world evnts and historical tales we’ll see what makes a story compelling and how to structure an oral narrative to create a memorable story.
THE STORY REPAIR AND FIX IT WORKSHOP- Every storyteller has tales in his repertoire that are good stories, but for some reason do not work. Perhaps the ending isn’t right or the plot falls apart or the characters are not vivid. Our goal will be to make these tales tellable. Each teller will bring two stories that have potential but need a tune up. As a group, we will try to create the solutions to each story problem. (Intermediate to advanced level)

CAMPFIRE STORIES- The campfire is the first place humans told their stories. Everyone naturally loves to hear a good story in the firelight. It is a time when the listener is open and ready for thought provoking tales, not just scary ones. The teller sets the right mood by finding the subtle place between performing and intimate speaking. We will explore the style and stories that are most effective around the fire. You will be presented three sure-fire stories and discover where to look for other effective tales. (All levels)